The Missing Link in Today’s Media Relations

See how getting out from behind the screen and meeting people in real life is still the go-to move of top PR professionals.

The Missing Link in Today’s Media Relations

In the public relations world, technology plays a major role. The use of email and social media are the major outlets for getting in contact with reporters and journalists. It seems that everything takes place behind a screen, which can sometimes feel a little impersonal. In this Industry Insider article, we’re reminded of the value of human connection and the importance of building personal relationships, concepts that can sometimes be overlooked.

How to successfully create human connections with reporters:

Prepare: It’s important to learn everything you can possibly learn about the journalist ahead of time. That means personally and professionally. Glance at their social media pages to find out their specific interests, read their previous work, and find that connection that ties you and the journalist together.

Meet one-on-one: It may sound obvious, but meeting in person puts a name to a face and helps build that personal relationship. Whether it’s inviting them to grab a cup of coffee or attending tradeshows where they will be in attendance, it helps establish that you’re not just a pitch behind a screen.  

Set up spokesperson meetings: Invite the journalist when interviewing a spokesperson or asking for a comment, allow them to be a part of the action.

Continue the conversation: Just because the journalist already wrote the article does not mean that the conversation is over. It’s important to stay in contact with the journalist for potential coverage in the future.

Although building a relationship takes more time and effort than just sending the same pitch to everyone on your distribution list, it allows you to stick out and increase the chances of getting heard by the right reporter or journalist.

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