Clapp 360 Communications July 2020 Newsletter

CEO Michael discusses omni-channel strategies and provides a review of the previous month's agency and client news.

From the Desk

Is there a specific marketing tactic you SHOULD be focusing on?

It's easy to think one marketing tactic is better than another.  As an agency, we're constantly bombarded by sales pitches from all types of advertising platforms, each quick to supply case studies and data on why their channel is best.  As a result, many business owners ask questions like:

  • "Should I advertise on Facebook or Google?"
  • "Should I spend on PR or SEO?"
  • "Do I get a billboard or produce more content?"

The problem with this mindset is that it's binary.  In reality, the best marketing plans are omni-channel—using impressions gained in one channel to drive conversions in another.

It's the main reason we spent much of 2019 and early 2020 building out our agency service offerings—adding digital marketing and website development to our PR and media buying expertise.

To prove our point, we'll highlight a recent win for one of our clients—Gamberdella Bridal Salon.

In May, we ran a lead generation campaign that ultimately captured prospect info via a Facebook ad campaign.  Before running the campaign, our PR team earned a news segment on WBAL-TV.  We then used the 90-second video clip as the creative for the Facebook campaign.

The media coverage is here:

The results of the campaign over a 30-day period:

  • Total Leads: 44
  • Avg. CPL: $38.63
  • Impressions: 115,000+

Look over your current marketing plan.  Is it heavily biased to a single marketing tactic?  If yes, think about what other channels you could use to complement it.


Client News

  • Jemicy will start the new school year on August 17 with practices put in place to prepare for the modified learning environment. They were also featured on WJZ-13 for their drive-in style graduation ceremony.
  • CFG Bank continues to show its support for the local community by donating $50,000 to Metropolitan Boys & Girls Club of Baltimore.  
  • Saft's Xcelion line of batteries uses Super-Phosphate technology which allows for better performance and more safety.  They are featured in Chemical Engineering magazine's July 2020 edition.
  • Maryland Philanthropy Network will have three new neighbors in their building, the Hangar Building at 1600 W. 41st Street in North Baltimore.
  • The SEED School of Maryland senior, Mikyle Gregory, reflects on his high school experience and the chance it gave him to focus on his dream of studying computer science. Also, Tuck Burch, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, is featured on 98Rock, discussing SEED's mission and application process.
  • Keswick While residents may not be able to interact as normal during these times, Keswick is using phone calls and video chats to keep residents engaged and safe. Through technology, like video, they are able to take their health and wellness classes online; offering two classes per day with subjects such as nutrition, meditation, yoga, and even how to make your own hand sanitizer!
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