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Brittany Buck

Every day we are subjected to hundreds of advertisements. How do you toe the line between making your ad stick out and getting people talking before it becomes insensitive, tone deaf or flat out offensive? In this week’s Industry Insider, we discussed controversial advertising and the effects it has on a company’s brand. Can controversial advertising end up creating positive buzz or a PR disaster? Take a look at the few we discussed and tell us how you reacted to their message

Pepsi’s “Live For Now Moments Anthem” commercial starring Kendall Jenner in 2017.

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! advertising campaign featuring Dakota Fanning.

K-Mart’s 2013 response to keeping the stores open on Thanksgiving and Christmas:

Metro’s 2013 “Metro Forward” campaign.

BiC’s “For Her” retractable ball point pens released in 2012.

Sky Atlantic’s life-sized, fully animated polar bear that was set loose in London to promote its 2015 Arctic crime drama, “Fortitude.”

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